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The advantages of marble tables

2016-09-07 15:51:06

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General house hold selection table will choose wood tables, but now more and more families choose stone table, stone table have to say popular, simply because the grade of the stone itself material texture and decorative use, it has become increasingly family pursuit! Learn together below some relevant characteristics in the stone table:

First: because the stone surface is smooth, easy to clean.

Second: the stone table, more significant level.

Third: marble tables more suitable for large units use less suitable move.

The relative merits of the stone table are:

1. not deformed; high hardness, wear resistance.

2. afraid of acid, lye material erosion, will not rust, do not oiled, easy to stick dust, maintenance, convenient and simple maintenance, long service life.

3. will not scratch, not a constant temperature to prevent, at room temperature, can maintain its original physical properties.

4. unaffected by moisture, the plane that set good.

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