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5 Ways to Wake Up Your Kitchen With Accessories

2016-06-16 17:05:40

With spring arriving soon, it feels like a good time to give the kitchen a little wake-up call. Even if you don’t want to repaint and have no plans for a remodel, swapping out a few accessories is a satisfying (and wallet-friendly) way to revive your kitchen. Check out these 5 creative, colorful accent ideas, from window coverings and lighting to hardware and art.

1. Fill a narrow wall with art. Why stop at just one fun print when you can hang artwork all the way to the floor? Look for art prints you love that also work with the color palette of your kitchen, and keep the frames simple for a modern look.

2. Hang a cool clock. Choose a clock with personality to add punch to your kitchen, like the modern cuckoo clock in white shown here. Whether it’s an old-fashioned schoolhouse version or a bright, oversize one, pick a clock that speaks to you.



3. Get creative with knobs and pulls. Changing your cabinet hardware is a quick and easy way to inject your kitchen with personality. From colorful vintage-style handles like the ones shown here to cool leather pulls, there is hardware to suit every style.

4. Swap out your range hood for something fancy. Looking for a bigger change? Instead of going with a plain old range hood, choose one in a custom color or with a fancy scalloped edge, like the one shown here.

5. Hang real art. Vintage oil paintings and original drawings add so much character to the kitchen. It’s true that grease from the stove can damage artwork, so hang paintings on a wall farther from the stove and keep your most treasured or priciest pieces in another room.

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