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  • Quartz Countertop, Your First Choice 2016-06-17 15:44:29
    The kitchen is indispensable for our site of activity, it exit in every house. So almost every master hope have beautiful and durable kitchen for their own house, Quartz For Kitchen Countertop is your first choice, let we know more about the quartz together.

    About quartz countertop:
    1,what is quartz: Quartz countertops are produced by combining ground natural quartz with a resin plus binders and the desired colorant. A ratio of 93% quartz to 7% resin is generally used. Different appearances are achieved by the level of fineness to which the quartz is ground.

    2,Uauage: High-quality green materials. For kitchen countertops, dining table, Grey Quartzite Bathroom Countertops, windowsills, bar, internal and external walls, floors, etc., suitable for a wide range of requirements in different areas of apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, airports, hospitals, libraries, etc.

    a:not easy to scratch
    b:high temperature resistance
    c:not easy to stain penetration

    Our service:
    1,Can offer SGS prove the hardness.
    2,Have own factory, can copy the color of quartz depends on your sample.
    3,Other size is available.

    Quartz, or engineered stone, countertops have become a popular choice in recent years. If you love the look of granite, take a look at this countertop material. There are far more color choices available than with natural stone; and while quartz countertops look like granite, they are easier to maintain. Quartz countertops have a natural radiance that will capture your attention. Especially White Quartz Kitchen Countertop, it’s favorable for engineer or housewife. Pure White color can make your mood calm down.

    The quartz colors for countertop have white, grey, beige and so on, also have pure color series, mix color series, flower series etc, more details please kindly click our website: www.countertop-factory.com. Hope our product can help you build perfect kitchen.
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