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    kitchen countertops

    White marble. Compare with other material ,it looks like more luxury material .especially popular in italy material .That is a classic stone that has been used for home and is the whitest type of natural stone available. It can be used for walls, floors and White Quartz Kitchen Countertops. Avaliable in slab,cut to size, countertop, vanity countertop. Now ,look why client who love white marble material,you will got it if you looks as below.

    The Clients Who Think They Love White Marble?
    White Marble

    For first example..When people decoration their apartment, a couple decides to incorporate elements that reflect their travels. They display art from Paris, dishes from Prague, and bring in Calacatta White Marble reminiscent of the countertops they saw in Italy.They use their countertops to cook and dine. Over time, spaghetti spills from plates, etching the surface, red wine splashes from glasses, leaving marks, and coffee forms rings. Dishes are passed, slightly scratching the surface. Marinara sauce (an acidic food) wears away and dulls the finish. Olive oil begins to patina the surface.To this couple, the white marble doesn’t look worn or imperfect. It looks authentic and natural.When a person expects to see the inherent characteristics of natural stone become more apparent over time, they are generally happy with white marble.
    Now let’s look at another example...A couple renovates their home. They
    purchase new, modern furniture and appliances, and install a 10’ island in their kitchen. The island boasts beautiful white Italian marble, with a very crisp white background and deep gray veining. The couple views the countertop as “art”. The island becomes the area where family and guests gather.Just as we saw in the first example, wine spills and stains the counter, lemonade splashes on the surface and etches it, and platters drag across the surface and scratch it.The couple, who wanted a pristine countertop for their pristine home, becomes disappointed with their selection and is frustrated to learn about the maintenance required to restore it.When a person expects their kitchen countertop material to look relatively the same over time and want a material that will require less maintenance, they are generally happy choosing an alternative to white marble.
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