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Green Stone is the new trend in stone industry

2016-09-07 16:11:54

Green Stone is the new trend in stone industry

In recent years, the prevalence of stone decoration gradually, from the laying of sidewalk, road around the massive square rectification works are valid to, and more and more the choice of a lot of real estate construction stone, whereby the selection level. Durable and durable stone, the production of wall and ground floor of fantasy information and rich stone types, colors and diverse, customers Supply universal range of options. But Stone is a non-renewable natural capital, will use a lot of stone gradually added. With the idea of saving society increasingly well known, save the stone capital with abundant use of time to become the proximal stone circles sought. Development of environmentally friendly saving “green stone” has become the major trend of the same stone business.

Perhaps we regard the “green stone” can be a lot of people have some misunderstanding, that no radiation, no purification is “green stone.” Moreover, “green stone” also has several features, he has a permanent nature, increase the value, environmental protection. Environmental Currently two points, one aspect is to say in stone cutting process and combustion occurs only physical processing, no chemical effect, the effect is not chemically composed. On the other hand is the composite stone, that is, with the appearance of natural stone, but underlying that local tile composition. So that you can put a piece of stone cut into three, greatly improving the utilization rate of the stone, which is a trend, the stone made thinner, lighter and more convenient means. The same information could have been laying a square meter, it is now able to shop three square meters, which is the capital of the information and thriftiness, also an aspect of environmental protection.

Can not be admitted that environmental protection is the general trend of the whole society had high energy consumption and high pollution industry has slowly began to stone under the effective guidance of the government to change jobs, and development of environmentally friendly products stone stone enterprises also can provide a lot of capital frugal, more capable of fostering enterprise open long and open society.

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