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Kitchen Details: The Right Edge for Your Countertop

2016-06-15 10:57:35

Xiamen Perfect Stone Co.,Limited.

It's the details that make a kitchen unique. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, or bar, every design choice, large or small, intersects to create the finished project.  — and as many who have endured a remodel know, the small choices can be agonizing. Selecting an edge profile for your countertops is one of these choices. Here's a quick study in a few of the often  options and what they look like as part of a greater whole.

1.Eased and mitered edge. This mitered stone top has a slightly eased edge and rounded corners. As you can see, the smallest change in detail makes the stone look very different.

2.Bullnose. This rounded edge detail is a timeless classic, great for traditional kitchens.

Ogee. I love contrasting a traditional ogee edge on an island with a more contemporary square edge on the perimeter walls. It's another timeless classic that works well in traditional kitchens.

ogee edge

Here are a few line drawings of countertop edge profiles for reference. As you can see the options are almost limitless(quartz ,granite,marble countertop can do these polished edge)

You can know more polished edge from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ftO2DfpHto

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