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Principle crystal surface treatment

2016-09-07 15:45:14

Principle crystal surface treatment

There are some natural stone inside the pores, typically within the pores of stone wool untreated, may contain bacteria or dirt, moisture, decay over time will make the stone even rupture. Meanwhile, if the broken stone surface unaffected special protection, hard soles and long friction grit and other hard objects, but also easy to scratch the surface of the stone.


General cleaning agents can remove the stone surface dirt, and bacteria within the pores of the stone and dirt remain powerless. Whether in the form of calcium carbonate as the main component of marble, or silicate as a main component of granite, they are not acid, acid often cause granite pyrite oxidation and spit yellow phenomenon, but also decomposition of calcium carbonate contained in the marble, causing surface erosion; granite base will erode crystalline grains caused peeling phenomenon.


Principle crystal surface treatment is the use of crystal hardening agent plus brush machine for stone surface friction, under the chemical and physical dual role, so that the stone surface to form a hard surface layer of dense hard crystalline layer, so that the stone surface to be easily damaged and are not easy sticky dye stains. Crystal surface treatment did not change the structure of stone, nor coated cover, so that does not change the texture of the original stone. 


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