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   PerfectStone has responsibility and liability under this warranty shall be to repair, or to replace, at PerfectStone’s sole option, the products shown to be defective, during the warranty period.  Please contact PerfectStone for the Warranty. Please make sure to carefully read all the details and specifications to be sure you qualify.

   PerfectStone shall have no liability for any loss, expense or damage, as a result of the installation of Caesarstone material. Under no circumstances shall PerfectStone be liable for indirect, punitive, consequential, special or any other similar damages, including but not limited to, loss of profits, business interruption or any other loss.



1.This commercial warranty is not transferable.

2.Engineering and construction of installations vary widely. PerfectStone assumes no responsibility or obligations with respect to the selection of product for the installation or the design, engineering and construction of the installation.

3.Daily maintenance that may be by following the techniques specified in the PerfectStone Care & Maintenance guide.

4.This warranty does not cover improper use or abuse.

5.This warranty does not cover surface scratches. PerfectStone is an extremely durable and resistant material, but not including surface scratch, reasonable care should be taken like use of a cutting board.

6.This warranty does not cover natural variations in color, size, shape or distribution of the pattern of the natural stone.

7.This warranty does not cover what is referred to as spots. A certain level of spots or "beauty marks" are in the productive process do not affect the structural integrity of the product.

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